About Us

About Us:

Australian Multi Cultural Charity is a registered Charity in Sydney, Australi the Charity primarily dependent on support from the Australian public and round the world to continue our work, we build on that support to attract significant additional funds from institutional donors. With the support and generosity of people like yourself, in addition to countless projects we can continue to strive for a world without poverty, Your confidence and trust would encourages us and drives us towards a world of hope, tolerance, dignity, security and Social justice for all Humans. Australian Multi Cultural Charity is an Australian Charity and international humanitarian aid Organization fighting global povertessay planning template online lab report writing servicesy, with a special focus on empowering women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities. The Australian Multi Cultural Charity code of conduct is a voluntary self regulatory code to conduct humanitarian service with integrity and accountability. The code aims is to enhance high standard through the community to ensure that public confidence is maintained in the way community contribution to reduce poverty through effective and sustainable development. Australian Multi Cultural Charity is also registered with Australian Taxation Office with DGR status for tax deductible donations. Through our work seeks also to foster peace, Sustainability, and Civil Society.


Australian Multi Cultural Charity was established in 2010 and was the first organisation in Australia to work exclusively with all multinationals.

In a very short span of time it has got many credits on its name like

1) Established Free General OPD Clinic  in 2011 still in working

2) Established Artificial limb free of Cost  in 2014 and this service is still continue

3) Established Physiotherapy Centre in 2014 and still in working

4)  Establish Free Computer Institute in 2015 and still continue

5) Established emergency mobile service in 2014

6) Established  Free School for needy students in 2017 still in progress

7) Established Speech Therapy Centre in 2017 and still in working